Great Aunt Learns The Art Of Silver Surfing

Whilst out with my Great Aunt, upon discovering her favourite but homeware store was now sadly defunct, I took her for lunch at a local pub. More concerned about finding replacement dinnerware and othe ritems of homeware, she wasn’t keen.   Also it had always had a poor reputation – she thought there’d still be Mods & Rockers hanging around, and other undesirables, as far as she was concerned.  Although, if we’d found any Ms or Rs, I should think the press pack would be following them around in a state of high excitement these days!  The squeal of those Lambrettas would have given the town some excitement!  However, I was able to persuade the old dear to sit down and happily the young waitor was excellent;  he made Aunt very comfortable and fussed over her in that practiced manner of someone used to difficult grandmothers!  Apart from the wonderful lunch, Aunt was enamoured with the fine crockery it was served on.  Not at all heavyweight – we enquired about the make and the waitor came back with the online site details so we could look for some.  He was a mine of information with help about other household items that could be bought via the same site.  Now that really is customer service above and beyond . . . . !