An Organised Gift Giver Is Worth Cherishing

Isn’t it odd how fast those breezy sunny months go by and we spend so much time worry about not getting this holiday or that day out.  I am one of those folk born in the winter – I am perfectly at ease with the thought of autumn approaching.    For some reason it was a family tradition to have hot soup and jacket potatoes whilst all freezing to death outside in a little family gathering, whilst Dad manfully set out the fireworks for us to ooh and ahhh over – happy days.

Now though, it is much more important to get an organised gift regime on the go at the start of the year.  If I don’t have that list of all the important folk in monthly order, I feel bereft.  I like to browse the dedicated gift sites to get ideas.  They inspire me and I haven’t failed to retain my crown for being the most thoughtful gift giver in the family!