Anglo-Italian Exchange Brings Cultural Treats

I remember a wonderful jaunt to our twin town in northern Italy -my daughter had been invited to join the musical and cultural exchange programme where three students, each with one parent chaperone, stayed with their counterparts in each town.  We had a fabulous time, not only from a touring point of view, but from social history as much as anything. Seeing how italian families deal with busy  breakfasts and evening meals absorbing their joyful noise and appreciating their homeware and cookery.  Cooking and eating en famille.  I was billeted in a smaller home with a single mum and her adoring clarinet player son – a tiny but immaculate 7th floor apartment with amazing views out.  Madame had beautiful kitchenware and dinnerwares all matching the soft furnishings, bringing colour to what would otherwise have been a stark shiny white box.  Her talent for spotting co-ordinating accessories has stayed with me to this day – a real cultural treat indeed!