Best China Display for Classiest Wake

I recently had a chance to meet up with some old chums and colleagues on one of those sad occasions . . . .  a funeral.  It’s amazing how little we know about fol until such a gathering.  You get the eulogy and pleasant words and memories about the deceased and we all nod and savour what we’ve just heard about them.  Then afterwards at the wake, there’s lots of chit chat about what exactly was said about the person . . . . .  Once that side of the meet up is over, we can all get down to the niggy gritty – who’s doing what and where!  The funeral I attended recently was followed by tea and cakes at the family home.  Not too dismal, the talking point for me though was the beautiful presentation of the tea and cakes.  My word the hostess had made it alllook lovely with good quality crockery and cake stands.  It did her late hubby, our great chum and colleague, really proud!