Bring Some Class To The Easter Buying Binge

The commercial side of this country never fails to amaze.  When Easter approaches, i.e. any time from end of Boxing Day. the shops start filling up with all their Easter eggs and speciality chocolates.  Shelves are stocked with gleaming arrays.  What the punter fails to note is that these goodies have been sitting in the store’s stock room since last August.   They insist it’s to satisfy consumer demand, having these goods displayed for sale that early.  I know no-one who feels the need to buy them early.  The stores do the same with Valentine’s stuff – it is no longer considered a love token between young couples.  There are happy V cards for mums and from husbands to wives.   The discernng buyer will seek out a good source online – really attrctive and thoughtful gifts for their beloved – adding a touch of class to the proceedings! A new cake stand with matching knife & cake forks to serve that Easter Simnell . . .  now that’s the ticket!