Smart Coffee Mug To Fully Matched Kitchenware

I’ve never really been heavily into matching kitchen or homewares particularly.  Not until this year when I was given an exsqisite pair of bone china coffee mugs – dainty ladylike ones – not the great big bucket sized ones made of earthenware fit only for builders.  Together with a couple of pretty china plates, these simple gifts started a search operation.  I browsed many a site looking out for similar china wares to make up a useful set.  firstly I found a matching teapot and coffee pot set in a very similar pattern.  Then this got me looking out for casserole dishes and cast iron cookware in a pretty shade to match the main colour on the mugs.  Funny ow all these little actions lead on to the next.  I was exremely lucky with one or two finds – thus enabling me to extend my range to the hob pans and other accessories in the kitchenware range.