Dinnerware Detailing At The Flick Of A Mouse

When we think of presents, it doesn’t always occur to us to go beyond the usual flowers, perfume, tie, slippers etc. that generally comes to mind.  Gone are the days when these items were gladly accepted and used until the next birthday or christmastide.  Everyone seems to have instant access to the world of shopping and online sourcing of everything.  But we don’t always know the most savvy sites on which to use our newly found knowledge and social media abilitiy.  I like to experiment nowadays and look for the more unusual gift – that little something that no one has thought of before.  As an example, for a wedding anniversary last year, I was able to obtain 6 plates that neatly matched a vegetable tureen my sister had kep for years in the cupboard and had no iea how to match it.  The vast selection of online surprises are quite beyond imagination now.