Domestic Fairy Queen & Teenage Turnabouts

I’ve been on one of my regular expeditions to see nieces and nephews and their parents.  It always involves much tea drinking and over the years I’ve patiently trained the various broods in how to provide me with the most perfect cuppa.  These have been delivered in a variety of battered looking cups and mugs. . . .   Homeware provision was very much on the back burner.   It is facinating now that all the children are growing up to mid teen and some, near adulthood.  One partiuclar set of siblings are really wonderful company.  When they can be rounded up and kept in the same room as we ‘ancients’ for more than a nano second.  I must say though that this visit was memorable for the sheer amount of time my eldest grandaughter invested in me and for the number of hot drinks and fuss i got from her.  It’s as though someone has waved a magic domestic fairy wand around and she has suddenly learned how to make decent tea and coffee.  There has also been a massive change round in their kitchen too – the extension now incorporates new cabinets which in turn house fabulous new china and dinnerwares. The kitchenware display is incredible – would make a superstore proud.  amazing what online suppliers can do these days.