Fabulous Restaurant Deal Found Online – Pefection

When my family were out celebrating a birthday recently we chose a very old established Italian restaurant in a nearby market town of note.  We had been recommended this by another family but didn’t realise it was the same, we actually found it ourselves whilst browsing a brilliant giftware and voucher site.    Once we’d assembled, finished faffing around with coats and got seated, we had ample time to select from a truly awesome menu.  The place was heaving – absolutely full, on a Tuesday evening.  A few artifacts caught my beady eye – lots of family photos adorned the walls with little story boards next to each – saying who was who and where it was taken.  All were in major cities in their homeland.  It was like taking part in a glorious family festival.  I liked also the quirky little model Vespa and Lamberetta scooters dotted around the walls too – lovely homely touch.