Family Lunch Parties Should Be Super Inclusive

I always think that one of the lovliest ways of making family events memorable is to organise a really good ‘everybody come and everybody help out’ meals.  Some of the very best I’ve joined have quite honestly and happily asked each family to contribute either a main and a fave pud or perhaps a starter and pud.  If there are three or four families attending, this covers a huge amount of food and when displayed on the main buffet table, makes a glorious sight and choice for the diners.  In fact nothing inspires a young cook more than to see the success of another family member when these occasions come round.   The non cooks amongst the gathering need not feel left out – they can bring a selection of soft drinks -perhaps from a farm shop or local artisan outlet, with maybe some really gorgeous chunk bread or rolls.  Gosh I am peckish ……  now where did I put that gammon??