Four Coffees, Two Decafs And Everything Inbetween

For the first time for ages, I actually had a house full of visitors one evening last week.  This is so unusual that I had a double take at the list of needs for even the most basic hosting requirements.  From the choices to offer for tea and coffee both regular and decaffinated, someone else only has hot chocolate.  Another wanted water only from a filter jug.  Having established beforehand what the refreshments would be, I then sought out my nicest china cups, saucers and side plates for the equally busy list of cakes and biscuits that are the absolute requirement.  This is when I realised that my poor ol sets were so incomplete.  Funnily enough 3 of this set, 4 of another and just two matching on the last was adequate for the different versions of hot drink.  But I took the opportunity there and then to replenish my china cabinet with some fab online delights.