From Bah Humbug To Online Shopping Heaven

In the grand scheme of things, present buying tended to come low down my list of priorities –  I decided a few birthdays ago that the junk I was receiving compared to pretty decent things I was presenting the other way made it an unfair exchange.  I therefore called a halt – with calls of ‘Bah Humbug’ robustly aimed my way.

However, I have since become active in the online shopping arena – things have changed dramatically .  Firstly I have made myself do a monthly pop up list of who needs cards and who needs card and present;  then I sub sort into two budget choices.  The same goes with household purchases too – there are so many great ideas out there and I find I am not limited to the colours and schemes the mega stores have decided are ‘on trend’.  For speciality gifts too, it offers choices of things I’d never think of when wandering through shops.