Gifts That Count Most Are Those Sourced With Care

A recent family gathering for a very special birthday highlighted the need to really check what the receiving party has in mind for a celebratory presentation.  It became apparent early on that although general ideas has been mooted and tossed around amongst the ‘givers’,and quotations obtained, no one had actually asked if the parent actually wanted that gift anyway!  As it turned out, the flight in an old bi-plane of a similar era to that which the parent had learnt to fly in 1940 was just about the last thing on the mind of the 80 year old receiver.   It was therefore very lucky that a very astute young great grandson, not normally known for tact or discretion, decided to check out the idea of the present with Grand-Papa before the expensive mistake was bought!

If only the family had browsed a professional gift supply site – All that time could have been saved and the right gift sourced in a fraction of the time!