Grandmas Best China For Afternoon Tea

There can’t really be anything more English than sitting around a a favourite tea table that’s covered with an attractive clean table cloth and then smothered with plates of goodies for an afternoon tea.   Although this has become a huge money spinner for the cafes and garden centre tea rooms, my family indulged in afternoon tea big time when I was growing up.  I especially enjoyed going to my grandmother’s  –  she was from a poor background but had been placed in two very generous households when ‘in service’.   Firstly she was an assistant nursery maid – this taught her how to look after babies, and everything that a baby needs.  This included the cloth nappies – with no automatic washing machines!  Once she’d done that for a while, she was allowed to help serve teas.  This was also very useful later on – showed her how to lay a table and how to provide a nursery tea that looked beautiful and with all the right crockery and cutlery!  These lessons stayed with her for life and she served us beautiful teas with home made cakes and her best china.