Grannie’s Matching China Sets The Standard

Of all the things in anyone’s house, the dinnerware and crockery collections are the most unchanging.  When do  you ever hear anyone say they’re going to get rid of an entire dinner service and get a new more modern one?  This probably stems from childhood days when most of us would be taken over to grandparents’ houses.  Out would come the best dinner plates with matching side plates, meat salva, lidded vegetable bowls, matching gravy boats on their own special saucers.  It was all very genteel and we had to be really careful not to chip anything.  I don’t recall anything happening amiss – perhaps it was actually all earthenware and not fancy Denbyware.  The value of having a beautiful set or two of crockery that you can add to over the years is very special and one to be encouraged.  Fantastic sites exist to help source and match individual items to complete sets too.  The art of beautiful meal service is returning to the family dining table.