High Street Tat Not Drawing In Visiting Shoppers

When I’m searching for that perfect gift, I don’t have much choice in my local high street – sadly through the advent of the out of town retail developments and the rise in alternative sourcing, there are no longer any independent retailers left here.  The only two closed their doors within weeks of one another and blamed the local town council for various treachery. It is one viscious circle – we need the high street for the folk without the car and the energy needed to meander up and down a crowded shopping mall.  But we also need something classier and with more pzazz for the visitors to flock to the town – our battered looking high street won’t cut the mustard.  It has been charity shops, discount shops like a market stall only in a shop, e-cigarettes and mobile phones.  There’s no decent coffee shops – only one chain store version.  No wonder we now browse online!