Keeping One’s Homestead Visitor Ready

When a young couple I know moved in to their dream house in the country last year, there were only a few boxes of goods to be conveyed.  They only lived in their starter home for 3 years, and are both natural declutterers – so it was easily achieved with no additional baggage to find a home for.   Since that move, they have settled in to their ‘forever’ home, although I suspect that after a couple of years, they’ll probably want to spread their wings further and move on to an even bigger and more spacious palace of joy.  In the meantime however, they have bought just enough crockery for their immediate needs, and an auxiliary set for entertaining.  They have very wise heads on their young(ish) shoulders and seem instincitively how to get a truly awesome bargain and how to display it when it gets there.  True belief in one’s own style and taste is never mistaken.