Revolutionary Homewares Gone Full Circle

It’s such a strange thing these days.  When I was a nipper and watching early evening tv, there was always an American comedy on – Bewitched or similar from the 60s and 70s.  Later in the 80s and 90s my family enjoyed Happy Days and Rosanne etc.  All wholesome family based fare.  We would sit agog at the fantastic modern things they had in their homes.   I can well remember seeing a microwave oven in a friend’s kitchen here in the mid 80s.  We’d not embraced this level of tehnology, yet it was developed here.  I can also recall seeing dishwashers . . . .  decades before we had them.  Yet when I was over thee for a stay with family recently, they didn’t seem to exhibit anything startlingly new that we now don’t have.  The revolutionary aspect of shopping and acquiring homewares has gone full circle – we seem to be equal at last!