Seasonal Crockery Just Makes Christmas Dinner

One of the fun things about sharing Christmas and new year with folk who are not your natural family group is the chance to try out different home settings and eat different foods.  I spent time with another family this year and they made me very welcome.  Fantastic company with lots and lots of laughs.  We did a fair amount of eating and drinking too, like all families.  This particular family have a sweet little cottage, quite tiny on the outside but rather like a tardis inside, each room seems to expand as you walk into it.  They have special crockery for Christmas and another set for Easter.  Beautiful coffee cups and saucers finish off the meal perfectly.  I have an eye for stylish and nicely balance dining wear, especially cutler.  I asked my hostess if they were all presents but apparently not. They come from this completely whizzer web site and it’s the bees knees!