Sourcing Better Dinnerware & Cookware Pays Off

I have recently been house and hound sitting for a relative.  This is glorious for me – a chance to live out as if ‘to the manor born’ in a beautiful village tucked away from most other humanity, whilst being able to use all the nice good quality dinnerware and homewares the owners have acquired.  I’ve never really thought a lot about the difference in the quality of cookware, kitchenware and the like.  But after two weeks of having access to top quality stainless steel pots and pans and a really good ceramic non stick frying pan, I am now convinced that paying that little bit extra at the start really is worth it.  I have so enjoyed things cooking according to the recipe.  Nothing got stuck on and the frying pan needed only a mere swipe with an oiled brush.  My next foray into online homeware and dinnerware purchasing will be exciting this time around!