Sourcing Crockery From Online Research

A week or so ago I was doing a favour for my extremely ancient godmother – she’d broken a couple more bits of her favourite every day breakfast crockery.  The time had now come to replace the entire set as she was down to 2 cups, 4 saucers and 3 cereal bowls.  I took her down to her favourite homeware store in town.  Well, we had planned to go there but needless to say she was really heartbroken to find the store had closed down and stood forlornly with posters covering the now blanked out windows.   The problem of not enough footfall to sustain business – due to mega stores out of town and the rise in internet buying.  To help ease her sadness I took her to a little pub and we enjoyed a decent lunch – then I took her for a drive around the countryside. We spent the rest of the afternoon with my phone, researching and ordering up exactly the replacement set of crockery together with a handful of other items she agreed would be useful to replace.  In this instance, the ony way to get what she needed – very convenient for me but sad for those older folk who only shop every few years!