The Friendly Approach Draws In The Unsuspecting

Wedding anniversaries – they are the sure fire thing to come around every year and yet generally only one of the pair of celebrants will have bought a card or thought about the day.  It’s a very interesting fact that men never retain important dates in their heads – and let’s face it, a wedding anniversary is going to be right up there for celebrating!  I used to work in a travel agency down a particularly busy high Street.  It was great fun to watch folk struggling to open the door, then they’d peek in and sheepishly ask perchance wither this was Smiths – we’d politely point out we were the High Street’s foremost travel agent and within seconds we’d be helping folk choose that dream holiday.  I was very good at capturing the wayward eye of Sir as he desperately tried to wriggle out of paying the deposit on 2 weeks in Torremolinos.  A friendly travel agent is just what the jaded shoper needs to ift their spirits on a miserable day in the igh street!