Good Food & Gentle Exercise Helps Combat Health Woes

There are many things that affect how well we are and from that, how content and happy we are.   Our lifestyle make the most difference of all, from our food and diet choices to how we exercise, or not.  I have a good buddy who is the complete opposite to me in that she kids herself that she eats well – in fact her diet is rather hit & miss, she doesn’t sit down and have a proper lunch in the middle of her day;  wbut around 4pm and she’s talking about having as bite to eat then.   This would be ok but it’s not a proper meal, it’s snacky stuff.  then late in the evening, when she’s sitting in front of her tv, she always has a large bag of ready salted crisps and often a bag of chocolate sweets.   She is also famous for her consumption of champagne and brandy sours.  The funny thing is, she has access to the most glorious salads in the world – she lives on a Mediterranean isle and her favourite supermarket has the most fantastic fruit & vegetable department that takes up almost the whole of the lower ground floor.   I absolutely love Fridays when staying with her – we always spend ages in that store;  there are some vegetable and salad items that I have stasrted eating as a direct result of trying them out over there and learning of the benefits of a mediterranean diet!   The choices of olive oils and other healthy options comes as second nature to the locals.

However, this doesn’t guarantee long healthy and stress free life if the exercise component is non existent.  We have discussed this piont a few times, particularly since she needed emergency treatment recently which resulted in two arterial stents being fitted.

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