Testing The Bread To Find Gluten Intolerance Route

We all know what it’s like to get on the wrong side of our comfort zone where eating and keeping fit is concerned.  I am now pretty sure that some breads affect my joints but I’m not so sure that it’s full blown gluten intolerance.  I believe for that, there are several other symptoms that manifest themselves quite quickly – raging turmoil in the gut is one that’s been described to me.  Another pal suggested her intolerance creates very noisy plumbing around her abdomen when she’s eaten bread or cake made with regular flour products.  I have the feeling that after many years of mainly painful joints and leg pain, it could be something in the bread products.  I don’t think I have very noticeable plumbing noises except when I’ve had potatoes – then you can hear my inner workings very loud and clear!  Lifestyle is very much a balance of things – our choices of food, drink, snack and sugar consumption and our leisure pursuits  all contribute to how our bodies react and the feeling of wellness or otherwise in our every day lives.  It is quite easy to note if a particular food makes us feel strange or uncomfortable if we trial one idea at a time and not try to pinpoint it amongst many other ‘possibles’.

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