Thoughtful Gifting Options To Be Taken Seriously

I was at an event recently that included a young, entrepreneur as second speaker.  This chap was so knowledgeable about his business, for which he was now third generation custodian.   To give context, we were atending the annual meeting of a local federation, made up mostly of women.  This meeting was a chance for the smaller groups that came under the one main federation umberella to meet up, mingle, network and generally enjoy a social gathering with three or four speakers on a variety of subjects.  The one that caught my attention represented an area of horticulture that so often ges overlooked and completely sidelined in many cases.  His business exists entirely for the purpose of gifting.  He supplies flowers, just one type, and he explained the challenges his business has come up against because of the cut throat nature of dealing with the buying teams of the now giant conglomerate supermarkets.  In their quest to cut their buying costs to make as much profit that they can squeeze out of any item, they are needlessly sending smaller suppliers to the wall by ending the purchase of UK produced goods in favour of worldwide supply that are much cheaper to buy.  Ethically of course, that means the producers across the world are getting the lowest possible price – it opened up a huge debate amongst the audience.  This speaker was so passionate about the problem, we all avowed to buy UK produced flowers from now on.

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